Migrate to Australia - Pathway of Australia PR - GSM Visa Subclass 489

Visa Subclass 489 (Skilled Regional Provisional Visa) is for points-tested skilled workers in which it is either sponsored by any state or territory government or by an individual who is an eligible relative for their point test. Intended Migrants need to achieve at least 60 points including 10 points from either state or territory government or by a sponsor who is eligible relative to get the invitation from the Australia DIBP. This visa allows you to live and work in the regional area of Australia for four years. You can either in Australia or outside Australia when you apply and when the Visa Subclass 489 (Skilled Regional Provisional Visa) is granted.

Requirements of Visa Subclass 489 (Skilled Regional Provisional Visa)

Australian Government – Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) sent your letter of invitation, if you fulfill their minimum requirements.

  • Your Occupation is needs to be on the relevant skilled occupation list or consolidated sponsored occupation list
  • You need to get the skill assessment positive from the concerned Skill Assessment Authority for the occupation.
  • Your age should be less than 50 years.
  • You need to achieve the score which is specified in your letter of invitation
  • You need to have at least competent English.
  • You need to get nominated by any state or territory government or sponsored by an eligible relative.
Nomination Requirements of State or Territory Government of Visa Subclass 489 (Skilled Regional Provisional Visa)

Every state or territory government has its own selection process, selection criteria, and skill occupation list to give the nomination to the prospective migrants. State or Territory Government can view the EOI (Expression of Interest) in SkillSelect programme. It depends upon the state or territory government wither they directly contact their prospective migrant or prospective migrant needs to contact them for nomination. If you received nomination from state or territory government then you also need to fulfill the requirement of them after getting the visa grant from the Australia Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

Nomination Requirements of Eligible Relative of Visa Subclass 489 (Skilled Regional Provisional Visa)

If your relative wants to become eligible for sponsorship of this visa, then he/she needs to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Your relative’s age is at least 18 years.
  • Your relative is living in a designated area of Australia.
  • Your relative is either holding Australian Permanent Residence Visa or must be an Australian or Eligible Citizen of Australia / New Zealand.

The said relative may be from your side or your spouse’s side. Listed relationship can be considered as Eligible Relative;

  • Child / Stepchild
  • Parent / Step-Parent
  • Brother / Sister / Adoptive Brother / Adoptive Sister / Step Brother / Step Sister / Niece / Nephew / Adoptive Niece / Adoptive Nephew / Step Niece / Step Nephew / Aunt / Uncle / Adoptive Aunt / Adoptive Uncle
  • Grandparent / First Cousin.
Benefits of Visa Subclass 489 (Skilled Regional Provisional Visa)

Visa Subclass 489 (Skilled Regional Provisional Visa) is a provisional residence visa. This visa will let you and your family members avail the following benefits when you have been granted visa;

  • You/Your Family Member can stay in Australia up to four years.
  • You/Your Family member can work and study in a regional area of Australia.
  • You/Your Family member can enroll in Medicare/It is the Australia's scheme for health-related care and expenses
  • You/Your Family member can travel to Australia and also from Australia till your family have a valid visa.
  • You/Your Family member can apply for Permanent Residence Visa after fulfillment of the requirements which are set by the Australian Government – Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

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